Vibration Sensor

VS1000 is specially designed for vibration measurements from DC to medium frequencies. Thanks to low noise, resistance to repetitive high shocks and insensitivity to temperature environments VS1000 guarantees confident and accurate vibration measurements in rugged environments.

  • Large and flat frequency response from DC 0 Hz to 2500 Hz ±5% (typ), 7000 Hz ±3dB (typ)
  • Embedded self-test, temperature sensor and brownout protection for confidence at all time
  • Lowest noise of 7 μg/√Hz in band for the ±2g range (typ)


Tactical Grade MEMS Accelerometer

Specially designed for Advanced Inertial applications of tactical grade, MS1000 implements an innovative Micro-Electro Mechanical design and electronics for unbeatably accurate measurements in terms of long term bias and scale factor repeatability, in-run bias stability, and vibration rectification error (VRE).

  • Long Term Bias Repeatability : 1.2 mg (+/- 10 g, typ.)
  • In-run bias stability (Allan Variance @ 10 s): 15 μg
  • Noise in band: 34 μg√Hz (+/- 10 g, typ.)
  • Non Linearity (IEEE Norm, % of full scale) : 0.3 %


High Temperature Inclinometer

The new TS1000T  is specifically designed for drilling application. It offers the highest performance repeatability with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the MEMS marketplace.

  • High temperature range from -40° to 175°C
  • Excellent Bias residual modelling error < ±0.6 mg for ±2g range
  • Endurance to high repetitive shock more 1500g (500 times) ,
  • Low Noise < 7 μg/Sqrt Hz typ for ±2 g range


Seismic Sensor

SI1000 is a high-end capacitive MEMS accelerometer specially designed for Strong Motion Class B seismic measurements. It provides extremely low noise, excellent linearity and temperature stability, wide frequency response in an small form-factor and hermetically sealed package. SI1000 guarantees very accurate and stable seismic measurements, requiring neither recalibration nor maintenance during the lifecycle of the system.

  • Ranges: +/-3, 5 g
  • Low Noise: 0.7 μg/√Hz (+/-3g)
  • Size : <1cm2
  • Bandwidth: 0-550Hz (+/-3g)


MEMS Accelerometer

MS9000 is a fully calibrated bulk capacitive accelerometer specially designed for high performance inertial measurements. Its overall bias performances, robustness and low power are adapted for general inertial requirements even in harsh environments.

  • Bias temp. coefficients : < 0.5 mg/°C typ. (+/-10 g)
  • Scale Factor temp. coefficients: < 100 ppm/°C (+/-10 g)
  • Measurement range: +/-2 to +/-200 g
  • Analogue Ratiometric Output, LCC 20 package


Sensor+Test 2019, June 25-27

Safran Colibrys participates in Sensor+Test Exposition in Nuremberg, Germany, from the 25th to the 27th June SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing technologies worldwide. Come and visit us


Recommended Circuit for VS1000

In order to obtain the best device performance, particular attention must be paid to the proximity analog electronics. A proposed circuit that includes a reference voltage, the sensor decoupling capacitors and output buffers is described in the figure below. Optimal acceleration measurements are obtained using the differential output (OUTPs-OUTNs). If a single-ended acceleration signal is…


New Vibration Sensor: The VS1000

Colibrys is releasing its new vibration sensor, the VS1000, which brings capacitive transducers to a new level of performance. The second generation of the Colibrys VS family, this new vibration sensor features an innovative low-noise ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit), along with an exceptionally stable MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) device offering proven performance, and hermetically-sealed ceramic packaging…

China International Defence Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX) – 8 to 10 May, 2014

China International Defence Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX) is the only defence electronics show sponsored by Chinese military authorities and a global platform for trade dedicated to this field. Based upon local market, CIDEX is a fast track to explore the industry trends in the other parts of the world, especially in Asia.

Colibrys releases its new ±5g MEMS accelerometer for vibration and mini shock sensing.

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd. has announced today the release of its VS9005.D, a new ±5g range MEMS vibration sensor, complementing its existing family of +/-2g to +/-200g products targeted for applications in the industrial and instrumentation markets. The VS9005.D is designed to offer to Colibrys customers a new alternative to existing selection of VS9002.D and VS9010.D…