New Vibration Sensor: The VS1000

Colibrys is releasing its new vibration sensor, the VS1000, which brings capacitive transducers to a new level of performance. The second generation of the Colibrys VS family, this new vibration sensor features an innovative low-noise ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit), along with an exceptionally stable MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) device offering proven performance, and hermetically-sealed ceramic packaging to ensure robustness and durability. With the VS1000, Colibrys further strengthens its best-in-class position for vibration sensors in the 0 to 2 kHz band.

The market for vibration sensors is booming: the market is expected to reach more than $34 billion dollars by 2020 (Research & Markets, 2015). Colibrys’ VS1000 can provide very precise health monitoring of structures, machinery or transportation infrastructures, thereby reducing operating costs, for example through preventive maintenance.

With the VS1000, Colibrys addresses a wider section of the market that has been dominated by piezoelectric (PE) and piezoresistive (PR) technologies. The advantages of variable capacitance transducers such as those used in the VS1000 include long-term durability and greater accuracy at high temperatures, and at all frequencies, including lower frequencies due to its exceptional stability. By drawing on 10 years of feedback from existing applications, Colibrys has also solved the issue of shock resistance, even repetitive shocks. The sensor also includes a smart built-in test feature, since this function is considered very important in one of Colibrys’ key markets, safety-critical systems.

Colibrys has more than 30 years of experience in MEMS technology. The company is specialized in high-performance sensors designed to address today’s most demanding critical applications.

“We are proud to announce the VS1000,” said Colibrys CEO Patrick Gougeon. “This sensor embodies our state-of-the-art expertise and is the first example of a new generation of variable capacitive MEMS sensors that will consolidate our position in the high-end accelerometer segment. Our technology has proven to be superior to the existing piezo-based products. We are now working on enhancing the performance scope of MEMS, since we believe that high-end accelerometers will soon be largely MEMS-based, because of their inherent advantages in terms of size, power consumption, robustness, stability and price.”

The VS1000 is currently available in various g-ranges. Samples can be ordered on the Colibrys website or through conventional distribution channels.